As a result of attending the Present Powerfully course delivered by Steve last year, it has enabled me to significantly improve both the content and the delivery of my presentations. Since the course I have had to present to several large groups of customers, including 80 customers at a European user group.

Using some of the techniques learnt from Steve, I have become far more confident as a presenter and my presentations have had a much greater impact on the audience.- Dave Milburn , European Customer Support Manager – FTSE 100 IT company

Steve successfully designed, tested & delivered a customer relationship programme which would eventually run through 200 members of staff.

What this did for the department?

  1. Resulted in highest Morale Survey Ratings ever at 70%, with high engineer retention, retaining the critical skills within the company.
  2. Reduced customer complaints to almost zero. Customer satisfaction meant that our Sales force were not focusing on handling complaints, but instead focused on winning new business, resulting in 2007 being the best year ever for Sales.
  3. Relationships between all divisions improved enormously working together as “One Team”

The courses that Steve designed tested and implemented were complete successes and were totally supported by the Director and the Senior Leadership Team. The value of this fine work that Steve did is still being realized today.- Paul Lyons , Sales People manager, FTSE 100 IT company

Revenues had really badly dropped after our team had been pulled apart by the negative actions of 2 employees who are no longer with us. Everyone had been infected with the ‘it’s not my job’ attitude.

Steve worked with us through our problems and rebuilt the team by concentrating on what is important. Focusing on our core values, communication skills, relationships, and sales awareness, we now have a cohesive TEAM that work together.

We are all now happy and dare I say it…. excited to come in to work; there is an air of positivity and togetherness and our patients feel it too.

We are working cohesively as a TEAM and can all see our Revenues are rising. In fact they have risen over 25% in the last year since working with Steve.

Thank you Steve for helping us to work towards our potential and increase our revenues. We look forward to even better things while working with you”.- Dr Teresa Day , Clinical Director, Appledore Dental Clinics at Binfield and Milton Keynes

Steve has a depth of experience and knowledge around sales, service, marketing, and presentation skills, that both encourages and develops people.

With his natural training and coaching style, he builds confidence, creates ideas, and empowers others to take action and obtain results.

Due to Steve’s training and coaching, I finally made the decision to hire a contractor to work in my business, saving me between 2-3 days a month in office work, freeing me to develop my business and invoice an extra £1500 profitable revenue each month.

The 2 day Strategic planning workshop has provided me with a strategic plan, on a single page which I have on my wall and gives me specific direction.

I attended Steve’s Present Powerfully course and have found that what I learnt in those three days has stayed with me, and helped considerably with every subsequent presentation I have done.- Neville Matthews , Mathews Computing Services

I found the course extremely useful due to the fact that a large element of it had to do with practicing the presentation techniques. This gave me a lot of confidence in subsequent presentations. I would highly recommend this course.

I have also worked with Steve as an “observer” when he delivered an in-house Professional Development Centre. I found working with him extremely easy, and his facilitation and organisational skills greatly enhanced the running of the Centre, and the experience of the delegates and observers.- Charlaine Pirie , Cost Optimisation Manager FTSE 100 IT company