What We do

We empower you, your team members and managers to excel in communication skills, develop effective personal leadership skills and build strong lasting relationships. Effectively creating outstanding ambassadors for your company and increasing revenue.

The mastery of personal leadership skills, clarifying your core values, developing excellent communications and relationship skills and focusing on service excellence helps build a powerful team full of confidence and enhanced performance. This leads to staff and customer retention, a sustainable competitive advantage, and bottom-line results in profitability.

Our Core values

  1. Integrity – do what you say, when you say. Keep your word and be trustworthy
  2. Respect. – Respect to your team, your peers and your customers. Accept their point of view and priorities. Open Communication.
  3. Balance – work hard, play hard and give openly to all. Have an active social life and look after your family, friends and those in need. Health, fitness and fun is important
  4. Be a lifelong student – never stop learning
  5. People first – people before profit
  • Increased personal responsibility from all employees
  • Highly motivated team leading to improved individual and team performance
  • Pride in the company and connectedness in the culture
  • Increased revenue and profit, without increasing the sales team size
  • High level of customer satisfaction and retention
  • Develop a pool of upcoming leaders
  • Be known for outstanding service
  • Instill the understanding that – every person, in every position in the organisation is in sales of one kind or another. Everyone must sell.

Sales as a department is an absolute necessity, but can you Imagine having a company of highly motivated, well trained, and dedicated employees, who understand the company vision, represent the core values and are all interested in the success of the company.

You could have an army of Ambassadors, as opposed to the secret saboteurs who unwittingly destroy the company image, brand and opportunities.

With such a team, who all believe they have a part in the company success, you can develop a powerful secret sales-force to supplement your sales team and drive your revenue, performance and profit, upwards.

It’s completely possible, and Performance Counts can show you how to tap into your Secret Sales-force.