You’ve used the assessments, taken the training. Now what? Typically, without ongoing support, or refreshers to ensure the learning’s are solid, and you or the team are performing to your best, it is easy for a business to slip back.

We utilise Coaching as ongoing support to you or your team, using your requirement to measure current and future improvements. This can be one on one, one to many, face to face, or over the phone.

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  • “I found the course extremely useful due to the fact that a large element of it had to do with practicing the presentation techniques. This gave me a lot of confidence in subsequent presentations. I would highly recommend this course. I have also worked with Stev….

    Charlaine Pirie, Cost Optimisation Manager FTSE 100 IT company

  • “Steve has a depth of experience and knowledge around sales, service, marketing, and presentation skills, that both encourages and develops people. With his natural training and coaching style, he builds confidence, creates ideas, and empowers others to take acti….

    Neville Matthews, Mathews Computing Services

  • “Revenues had really badly dropped after our team had been pulled apart by the negative actions of 2 employees who are no longer with us. Everyone had been infected with the ‘it’s not my job’ attitude. Steve worked with us through our problems and rebuilt t….

    Dr Teresa Day , Clinical Director, Appledore Dental Clinics at Binfield and Milton Keynes

  • “Steve successfully designed, tested & delivered a customer relationship programme which would eventually run through 200 members of staff. What this did for the department? 1 Resulted in highest Morale Survey Ratings ever at 70%, with high engineer retent….

    Paul Lyons , Sales People manager, FTSE 100 IT company

  • “As a result of attending the Present Powerfully course delivered by Steve last year, it has enabled me to significantly improve both the content and the delivery of my presentations. Since the course I have had to present to several large groups of customers, inclu….

    Dave Milburn , European Customer Support Manager – FTSE 100 IT company