Speaker Coaching

Public speaking is still a major fear in the western world. Without genuine support, training and face-to-face coaching, these fears can lead to bravado rather than skill when delivering that important message.

If your presentations don’t have the desired effect when you speak to your team or customers, or you don’t inspire confidence, or sales, then you will probably benefit from Communications coaching.

As a speaker your first priority is to connect and engage with your audience, to keep them interested, and leave them with a message they will remember several days later.

From looking at overcoming nerves, the structure of your speech, the script and how a few minor changes can make a dramatic impact we move onto delivery techniques, how to use your voice, engaging the audience techniques, to using visual aids.

If you are a heavy PowerPoint user, we help you develop speeches both with and without, and how to handle the unexpected technology failures.

You can’t afford to make mistakes at the crucial stage of making a sales presentation, or an executive’s speech to shareholders, customers or team.

With many years of experience in writing, delivering, structuring speeches and business presentations, we can help you delver outstanding speeches.