Our Training Services

Performance Counts helps you to attract, develop, inspire, and retain great people, leading to a motivated team, retaining customers and increased revenue.

We can help you grow your business, your team and your sales through group or individual programmes designed to enhance both individual and team performance. Our Programmes can be open enrolment or bespoke.

Our training programmes are engineered to bring out the best in your people, when it matters most…which is every single day. Our programmes are structured with the most effective accelerated learning approaches and harness the power of NLP (Neural-linguistic Programming) to yield high engagement, retention, and bottom-line impact.

One of the many challenges with conventional training is that a few days or weeks after the course, the day to day activities of work take over and much is put aside, without utilising the new skills. To overcome this we offer continuous learning or support, either by webinar, classroom, group or individual coaching sessions.

Explore our training solutions for yourself and you’ll quickly discover why we say Performance Counts.