Secret Sales-force Personal Leadership Programme (SSPLP)

Business Leaders, managers and customer facing team solutions

The SSPLP is designed to engage all your employees in developing strong personal leadership skills, to help develop a team of ambassadors, and transform the way you run your business.

It focuses on empowerment, motivation, who you are, and what strategies you implement. When used in conjunction with the other modules in “The secret sales-force” programme, the results are outstanding

By attending the Secret Sales-Force Leadership programme you will:

  • Dramatically improve your own and team performance
  • Be part of a high performing team
  • Be highly motivated and empowered to take ownership and responsibility
  • Develop strategies for success to increase revenue and profit.
  • Clarify your core values, beliefs and behaviours and align with the company vision, values and strategy
  • Gain greater visibility – both internally and outside your company
  • Learn to present with confidence.
  • Develop your own goals and Personal Development Plan
  • Develop your own personal brand
  • Increase revenue