The Secret Sales-force Customer Service Programme (SSCSP)

Service is no longer the back door to sales. It is the way to sales. Have a team of ambassadors for your company that will impress, attract and retain your customers, and see your sales rocket.

In today’s competitive marketplace customer loyalty has to be earned on a daily basis. It’s no longer acceptable to give good service. You must give exceptional service, daily, be easy to work with, and be willing to be innovative in your approach.

Customer retention is an excellent way to boost sales. As an established business, some 60 – 70% of your time and effort should be spent with existing customers, but how do you keep them?

In this course, you will learn:

  • Customer expectations – discovering them and how to meet them
  • Your brand and what you represent
  • Moments of truth – what they are and how they affect the customer
  • To make it easy to work with you
  • About the lifetime value and acquisition cost of a customer
  • How rewards and recognition create loyalty
  • How to develop your team for maximum performance
  • How to turn complaints into raving fans
  • To listen and respond to feedback

In this course, you will learn:

  • Customer retention will increase, leading to higher revenue
  • You will create raving fans, saving marketing expense
  • Your brand will become known for excellence.
  • You and your whole team will have less stress working with difficult customers
  • The working environment and ethos will be more pleasurable, leading to yet more sales opportunities.