The Secret Sales-force Leadership Programme

Customer facing teams in a company or organisation require more than just excellent service in today’s market, to retain customers and maintain a competitive edge. They also require personal leadership skills and commercial awareness.

The Secret Sales-force Leadership Programme is the Umbrella Programme – designed to challenge the mindset of all customer facing people, especially non sales teams, leaders and individuals, to build confidence, commercial awareness and leadership skills.

This is done by building strong relationships, developing communication skills, personal leadership skills, and providing customer service excellence, to excel in today’s challenging business environment. The result is in an increase in sales and performance and a highly motivated workforce.

Leadership is more than a title, or the responsibility of executives only. Leadership is personal, it is present at every level of an organisation and it is vital to being competitive regardless of industry or enterprise size.

Leadership is synonymous with sales, every good leader is selling a vision, selling engagement, selling the market, and selling stakeholders and shareholders. To miss this connection is to miss one of the most impactful elements of the leaders role.

Performance Counts has developed core solutions to aid Business Leaders, Managers, Teams and individuals to perform their best when it matters most…every single day. Explore our solutions and discover how we can help your lead from wherever you are and achieve amazing results.

By motivating everyone, you can create a master-force of secret ambassadors, and eliminate the secret saboteurs that restrict the business.

The Secret Sales-force Leadership Programme consists of the following modules:

  • The Secret Sales-force Leadership outline – (SSLO)
  • The Secret Sales-force Personal Leadership programme (SSPLP)
  • The Secret Sales-force Communication programme (SSCP)
  • The Secret Sales-force Customer Service programme – (SSCSP)
  • The Secret Sales-force Presentation Skills programme – (SSPSP)
  • The Secret Sales-force Advanced Presentation Skills programme – SSAPSP)
  • The Secret Sales-force Strategic Planning – (SSSP)
  • When all these elements are in place, results are simply extra-ordinary. Tap into the power of your hidden sales-force, and see your results take off.