The Secret Sales-force Presentation Skills Programme (SSPS and SSAPS)

This course has an introduction to Presenting and a follow on advanced Presenting Skills

Designed for business leaders, executives, managers and sales teams, it is one of the most important skills to develop. By developing powerful speaking skills, you will be able to command attention, interest and influencing skills, leading to increased sales and confidence in you and the company.

Through several inter-active exercises, regular feedback (by the instructor, the other participants, and of course, by yourself), and also the use of video, we build on and develop powerful speaking skills that will Impress your audience.

Using the principle that your audience “Don’t care how confident you appear until they are confident in you and your product/service”, we focus on providing you with the skills to connect, engage and build trust with your audience, and deliver your content effectively. Your confidence will grow, as will your customers confidence in you and your products or services. Your ability to handle speeches, and impromptu situations, will dramatically improve.

The advanced course is an extended two-day follow up to the basic module.

You will learn how to:

  • Deliver effective presentations
  • Structure your speech for ease of listening and flexibility of delivery
  • Have a clear message
  • Use stories, both personal and business, for maximum effect
  • Prepare your Presentation – create content to fit the structure
  • Use the following delivery techniques
    • Make an impact and develop charisma on stage – your speaking presence
    • Connect and engage with the audience
    • Overcome nerves speaking in public
    • Use the stage for maximum effect
    • Body language and gestures
    • Vocal variety
  • Handle Impromptu speaking – handling of the cuff challenges
  • Handle Q&A
  • Give & receive feedback
  • Use visual aids effectively

Benefits of attending this programme:

  • You will gain greater visibility both internally and externally
  • You will become confident in standing up before a group of peers, customers or seniors
  • Sales team will develop effective and powerful presentations, – leading to more sales
  • Your managers will be impressed, leading to more promotional opportunities
  • Managers will be able to motivate their team more effectively
  • Executives will be able to demonstrate certainty and impress their shareholders and team