The Secret Sales-force Strategic Planning Programme

You’d never build a home without a blueprint, so why would you build a business without one? The road to business success begins with developing a clear strategic plan, aligning all team members to the plan, and then systematically implementing that plan.

This programme is designed for business leaders, executives, and department managers, who want to create a vision, strategy and plan, and align the whole team to the plan.

What you will take away from this programme:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses opportunities and threats to give you a competitive edge in your marketplace
  • Clarify your brand promise
  • Establish your core values, and mission statement and be able to both live and express them
  • Have a clear 5 to 10 year vision
  • Define the actions you need to achieve that 5-10 year vision and support the values
  • Create your 3 year, 1 year and quarterly goals and actions to achieve them
  • Define relevant KPI’s
  • Assign accountability
  • Create a strategic plan on one A3 page

Benefits of attending this programme:

  • You will have a clear direction that every member of the company can easily align with.
  • You will be able to articulate this strategy clearly and simply, on a single sheet, for all to see
  • Your customer will have a clear understanding of your company ethos, and what you stand for
  • Your long term, mid term and short term targets are identified
  • You will be able to measure how all members of staff align and represent the company core values and vision
  • You will be able to track targets, long term, mid term and short term, and assign responsibilities